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Case Study | Liptember

Liptember engaged us to tell the story of their impact through a fresh and engaging campaign video.

The Liptember campaign has raised $5million for women’s mental health and made a significant impact through its six partner charities. They needed help communicating this.

The brief

Liptember is a charity dedicated to raising funds and awareness for women's mental health in the month of September. The public participates in the campaign by buying a Liptember lipstick from Chemist Warehouse.

Winning the work in a competitive pitch, we were briefed to create a short video that illustrated Liptember's life-changing impact, inspired continued support, galvanised stakeholders, and got audiences excited about the campaign. It also needed to stand-out from the crowd.

The solution

We developed a unique video concept that combined the stories of real beneficiaries with cinematic shots that visually demonstrated the incredible programs that had impacted their lives.

The beneficiaries delivered their stories in a studio setting, wearing brightly-coloured lipstick. The MCU framing on their lips, both connected the audience with the unique Liptember branding, and allowed us to preserve the anonymity of participants where it was needed.

To capture the programs that had benefitted these women, we worked closely with Liptember's charity partners to identify opportunities to film the programs in action, or create thoughtful reenactments.

Animated text displayed key statistics to highlight the reach of Liptember's funding.

Support Liptember

If you would like to get involved in the campaign head to

I absolutely love it and you have done an outstanding job. I cannot thank you enough for the work you’ve done, it has easily been the most enjoyable and stress-free project I’ve done in my time.


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