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Case Study | Social Traders

How we helped Social Traders weave storytelling into their social enterprise conference.

To kick-off their 2018 Social Enterprise Conference with a bang, Social Traders needed help creating a narrative-driven opening session, .

The brief

Social Traders certifies social enterprises, and connects them with business and government buyers. Its annual conference brings together business, government and social enterprises, to demonstrate how social procurement can drive major social change.

Through a competitive pitch process, Social Traders sought a production company that could not only create quality video content, but also help them craft an opening session for the conference that would be meaningful and memorable for the audience.

The solution

We pitched a fresh format for the opening session that told the stories of several social enterprises (suppliers) and their relationships with businesses (buyers), to highlight the challenges and successes of social procurement.

The session began with an engaging "movie-trailer" style video to capture the audience's attention. This video combined cinematic footage of social procurement in action, with poignant insights from a variety of participants, including representatives from business, social enterprise and Social Traders.

Following this, the session interweaved a variety of case study videos and innovative presentations and panel discussions to explore each buyer / supplier relationship in more detail.

In order to pull it together we worked closely with a number of buyers and suppliers to bring their stories to life. These organisations include social enterprises TRY Australia, Bedford Group, Outlook and Jigsaw, and businesses John Holland, Boral, McConnell Dowell, Coca-Cola Amatil and AMP.

You can view all the case study videos here.

Learn more about Social Traders

If you would like to learn more about Social Traders, social enterprise and social procurement visit

The Momentary team intuitively understood the stories we were trying to tell and the audience we wanted to communicate to. Working with them was seamless, easy and efficient, and we received a great outcome.


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