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Momentary: Five Goals for 2018

Our plans for the year, and some advice for social entrepreneurs.

Here at Momentary, last year was our biggest year yet! We produced over 100 social impact videos, which I’m still trying to wrap my head around. I’m excited about 2018 - and know that it’s going to be even bigger.

GOAL #1: No Compromise

Social enterprises are built on values and purpose. These values are the guiding light for everything within the business, from the product you sell to the impact you make. Opportunities are only opportunities if they push you forward in the right direction, otherwise they are distractions.

At Momentary, we aim to produce only social impact videos - we don’t just do it every now and then. We do not produce videos that sell houses or cars, nor would we be any good at it. We solely communicate impact for organisations that are making the world a better place, and we will not compromise on that.

GOAL #2: More Capacity, More Impact

A mentor once said to me, “The bigger you are, the bigger your impact will become”. This is true for all social enterprises. If you can grow your organisation, you will grow your impact. This could be through the people that you employ, the money that you donate, or how you help under-served communities.

Last year, we produced a huge amount of social impact videos with a small team. This year, we have brought a new full-time Producer/Director and several freelancers on board to produce even more videos. By building our team, we hope to have the capacity to make a bigger impact.

GOAL #3: Internship Program

Speaking of building a team, we believe that all organisations have the potential to provide opportunities to those facing barriers to employment.

That’s why we have launched a paid internship program in partnership with a local charity. As part of this, we plan to hire young individuals who have recently arrived to Australia for three months each. They will receive 100 hours of hands-on experience in all stages of video production, to give them an insight into the industry.

GOAL #4: International Work

Charities that work in international development can struggle to find affordable, quality video production services in developing countries. It can be limited in the local community, as filmmaking is inherently a privileged medium, and it’s expensive to fly a film crew overseas for a week.

We hope to remedy this by offering pro bono video production to Australian organisations working on incredible projects in developing countries. This way, they can capture those beautiful stories, communicate their impact, and spend more money on the things that matter most.

GOAL #5: Working with Business

Being a business ourselves, we can see the incredible potential of the ‘new economy’. I love the idea of a for-profit company using their money and resources to make a difference. The bigger the company, the more resources you have to make an impact.

Therefore, we will encourage large companies to operate in an ethical, sustainable and responsible way - the times they are a-changing!

If you are working to make the world a better place, we would love to hear from you!

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